This is a demo platformer roguelike for the Lutro game engine.

Dungeons are randomly generated using an algo similar to the level generator of Spelunky.

Keyboard Controls:

  • Z to jump
  • X to attack
  • Keep X pressed for strong attack
  • Arrows to move

The game supports two players only for now. The idea was to create a coop game where 2 players choose classes like Knight, Mage, Archer or Priest. The classes combination were supposed to create different ways to navigate through the maze and defeat the enemies and traps.

Keyboard is only mapped to player 1. If you want to have 2 players, you need to plug two joypads, as there is currently now way to select keyboard for p1 and pad for p2.

Only two classes are implemented so far. And not enough enemies and traps to keep the game fun. But at least the level generation and the platforming logic works well.

The source code is available on Github.

Install instructions

You have to run this game in Lutro, a game engine available as part of RetroArch or Ludo.


Deep Dungeon.lutro 1 MB

Development log


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Very nice, going to share it online on my Linux Gaming Platform

Cool, what is your Linux Gaming Platform?

This is fun and promising. It reminds me of Spelunky a bit

Thanks. The level generator is made following a youtube video that explains Spelunky level generator.

nice! Did you do the graphics?

No, I only did the sprites and attacks, the tileset was from the web but I can't remember the exact source as it is an old project.