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This 'project' is a violation of all libretro and related software licensing including the non-commercial licenses of relevant emulator cores.  Under NO circumstances is this kind of thing permitted to be done with bundling the emulator with the ROM file (even a ROM you created) to be sold or distributed together.

Devs can either make a proper PC version or distribute ONLY the ROM file itself without the emulator.  That's on them.  They didn't make the emulator so they don't get to bundle it either.

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What are you saying? A lot of libretro cores are under licenses that allow this kind of use. I'm myself a member of libretro and I know OSS licenses quite well.

Explain me for example what par of the license of Blastem or Lutro would prevent me to distribute my Genesis Homebrew or Lutro game?

is it possible to ever seperate/integrate the core, rom and config files into the EXE somehow and have them play?

There must be some ways to bundle everything into a single executable, like love2d does for the assets.
But some emulators require the ROM file to be a real file on the filesystem, especially for CD based systems.
Designing a solution that would work for all cores and OSes would take a bit of time.


Do you still monitor this page? Trying to get a response cause I need help.


Trying to get this to play... but it's not working. Using mesen core and testing with Castlevania. I put both in the folder and configured the .ini file just like how the video shows. Click the .exe and nothing happens.

Can you show your ini files?

you see the photo?

yep and it looks fine, but try setting the window size and aspect ratio, just in case, like here

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Tried that... it's still not working.

Update: FCEUMM works... but not MESEN which I would prefer.

Can you look into this issue? I tried playing an SNES game with mesen-s and it works. NES games with mesen don't seem to work at all.

OK I will try mesen

I can't get the functions to work properly. Can I asign a particular monitor? (the retroarch monitor_index doesn't work) Can I use this with custom bezels to fill up the black bars?

Any chance of having a custom "config" UI, where you could slap a particular image and music and config basic options? or a pre-launch menu/image?


window_width =  window_height =  aspect_ratio = 

Hi, window_width and window_hight will affect only the windowed mode.
There is currently no way to set a particular monitor.
There might be emulator settings to remove overscan, depending on the emulator.
So far there is no plan to add a configuration UI for this, as every user will have different wish for the look end feel. You can however make your own that can edit the config.ini.