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This is a metroidvania for the SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive.

You play as a shrine maiden on a mission to conjure evil spirits and seal the door to the spiritual world.

The game is all about exploring and fighting. Finding new items and abilities will unlock paths until you uncover 100% of the world map.

This is currently a prototype, so don't expect too much from it. There are only a few screens, and still a lot of bugs. My current goal is to have the combat and exploration mechanics ready. The game will improve as I publish updates adding new levels and enemies.

Developing a game for the Genesis is not an easy thing. This game is created using SGDK and Gendev that allow using the C language. It wouldn't exists without the hard work of the developers of this devkit.

Of course inspiration is taken from many games that have a special place in my heart: Wonder Boy, Cave Story, Momodora, Rogue Legacy, Touhou, Alex Kidd, Sonic, Secret of Mana, and many more.

I'm not really trying to be innovative, but recreate a classic game on a classic console. If the game ends up having a nice progression, nice cute graphics and enchanting music, I may consider taking the efforts to release it on cartridge. But we're not there yet :)

Install instructions

This is a Genesis ROM, so you have to run it using a Genesis Emulator of your choice.

If you are the lucky owner of the console, you can copy the ROM to a micro SD card and use a Mega Everdrive to run the game on the real hardware.


rom.bin 896 kB

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Hi! I liked this project and I would like to ask one thing: ¿by defeating the first boss, what must be done to advance? after the first boss battle, the character gets stuck on the first level. Regards!!!

looks like this is kinda 1 level only demo.

i have tried on both of KEGA Fusion and Gens, in either case it will get stuck after first boss.
also, i found no entrance working for any buildings, then stuck again at the very east end of the town.

btw, im very happy to see new Monster World-like actrion rpg.

This... is...

the best genesis game ever!!!!!!

Note: If you defeat Don Garlic

How do I move on? I'm stuck and can't get out.

very good!;-)

Woah, this is crazy!

I just got into some Genesis dev with SGDK myself. Would love to connect with you and talk about it!

Cool :D Your games look very nice!
Do you have a Discord account? I'm kivutar on the discord of SGDK.

I do! I should probably join that discord as well. Mine is Aren#1693.

Hello. How can I join this discord room?

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Could you please include some instructions on how to play the game? For one, tell people there is no attack until you get the umbrella.
Is there a pause function?
Is there anything after getting the umbrella? Going left or right makes you fall off a cliff...

Yep, there will be some dialogs that will explain that she wakes up without any weapon or power.
There will be a pause, used to switch the magic power.
There is currently nothing after getting the umbrella. Other maps have been done, but they are not linked yet to the beginning of the game.

Okay, thanks.
Please consider adding what's available per release on the game's page.

Thanks for the constructive comments.
You mean updating the game description, or just blogposts?

Game description / itch.io page.

I've addressed a part of your comments in the latest ROM.


This project is enough to turn me from a Nintendo to a SEGA fanboy. Love the design, palette choices and gameplay so far. I'm really looking forward to seeing how the game progresses!

Thanks, this means a lot to me

I really like your project, I love Wonder Boy Like. The graphics and colors are well chosen, the character is endearing. A project that brings freshness to Genesis / Megadrive. I will follow this project which I hope to see successful :)

Thank you my friend. Having the support and feedback of our little community helps me a lot to keep motivated.

also a big fan of Wonder Boy along with the classic game genre, excited to follow along as this game develops

Played/Tested your game. Do really think it looks pretty nice. Bugs that tend to happen too often than not but I know it's a work in progress.
Good luck with the game though, and look forward to playing more of the game later on.

Thank you! Yes it's very buggy, I'm actually spending all my time fixing bugs and cleaning the code before thinking about adding new game elements.


Very cool, looking forward to the full game


Thanks a lot. It will take a while to get a "full game" given how I'm struggling implementing the basic fundamental mechanics.

If it becomes unmanageable, I could also scope it down to a more linear platformer. But I have hope that I can figure it out and do the full metroidvania experience.

You already offer quite a lot of moves!

Keep it up!

Thanks for the kind words.
I'll do my best to produce a nice demo for the next Retro Game Con in France where the game will be first presented.