Second optional player

I just published an update to Shrine Maiden Shizuka.

The game was migrated to SGDK 1.65, and a lots of bugs and crashes have been fixed. I rewrote a big part of the scrolling code. The code is now smaller, more stable, and significantly faster. For example 100% of the slowdowns when switching between maps have been resolved.

There is also a nice addition, a second character, playable from the start. To try it, plug a second controller and press any button while in game. The second character is a small Kappa, with a ranged attack. It is still a bit rough as it was coded in a few hours, but it will get some polish later.

It was a long time without updates. But I'm not giving up on this project. It will take the time it will take to complete. I have a busy life now and I'm trying to make this game development an enjoyable experience :)

Also, the game is now playable directly on However, I still advice players to try the ROM in the real Mega Drive / Genesis or in a good emulator as the game should feel smoother with less input lag.


Shrine Maiden Shizuka Demo Play in browser
Aug 29, 2021
Shrine Maiden Shizuka Demo 1 MB
Aug 29, 2021

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Well thanks anyway. :) Take your time.

do you also have a discord for further questions?

Not bad, but I wish there was a way to progress with the rest of the game is that just not ready yet? 

Not ready yet