Dialog improvements, font and BGM

Some progress on the dialog feature:

I'm still looking for a way to redraw the background PLAN.

The new font is a WIP based on the default font of SGDK. It's the same, with a smaller font weight, and some serif:

The best news of the year is that I finally found a chiptune composer that is talented and want to join me in the team. His name is Ravancloak. You can listen to his compositions on bandcamp https://ravancloak.bandcamp.com/album/its-getting-dark-and-i-want-a-hug

He started composing for the game based on the  current demo and I really like the direction he's taking.

Not being alone on the project anymore is a huge motivation boost. Also, I'd like to thanks all the testers that have been providing feedback, it helps a lot.


rom.out 571 kB
Dec 15, 2019

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Rainy Cat is pretty dope by the chip tune compser you're working with